Friday, July 17, 2009

the great purge...

...slowly marches on. Here's what I'm ridding myself of:

-- notes from my freshman and sophomore high school English classes.
-- Bio II notes from junior year of high school.
-- recipes from Seventeen from 1997 (recipes I never even bothered to try out anyhow).
-- cell phone bills from my first cell phone ever (I got it when I moved here because suddenly there were two area codes in Nevada and I didn't have long distance coverage in the dorms).
-- various other pieces of crap...not all of which I'm actually ridding myself of, so there.

Part of this purge is because it's needed and part is because we needed to spend a ridiculous amount of hours searching through our freaking files to find the title to my car. You'd think it'd be in the 'Peppe' file (Peppe being my car, short for Giuseppe Verde O'Shaunnesey), but, alas, no. That'd just be entirely too easy. Cardo just found it after two-and-a-half hours of us searching tonight and countless other hours searching for the past few days. Very soon, I will be a carless woman. Now, I need to move to more condensed place. I'm thinking Amherst. Any thoughts? I've never been there.