Monday, July 6, 2009

all alone

It's nine o'clock at night and I'm having my first bit of time to myself since I woke up this morning. Ah, it's nice.

I really love being able to spend the time with Pic that I can spend with her, but it's also really nice to put her to 'bed' at night. (That's in quotes because she's really just in there playing right now.)

Today's non-events?

-- We hung around here this morning. Cardo was cleaning when I finally got up. Those are nice mornings. They happen a couple of times a month.

-- When Cardo went to work, Pic and I suited up in our swim gear and lathered on the sunscreen. We waited about twenty-five minutes and then walked over to the pool. It was (and still is) breezy, but not that bad if I left most of my body constantly submerged. We stayed for about an hour.

-- After changing at home, Pic and I went to Savers. I needed some new t-shirts. (I have a bad habit of buying clothes without trying them on. I really don't understand why there can't just be one universal size large in women's clothes, though. This would make my life sooo much easier, and, really, that's what clothing manufacturers should be concerned with, no?) It's Monday, so in addition to the regular 50%-off colored tags (green today), they were also offering a $.99-tag (orange today). We spent forever in Savers.

-- We ate sandwiches for dinner and had frozen yogurt for dessert.

-- I gave Pic a much-needed bath and then we brushed our teeth. Just as I started to spit out my toothpaste, Pic started to sneeze, so I jumped to the side and ended up spitting my toothpaste all over the counter. Nice.* Then she and I painted our nails. (No Miss nail polish from Whole Foods. No phthalates or formaldehyde. Which reminds me that I have a few bottles of my old nail polish to pass on if you don't mind the phthalates and formaldehyde and if you don't mind my funky colors. I don't want to throw them away, but it's kind of like tasting something and saying, 'Ugh! This's disgusting. Taste it!' I know.)

-- We read three books and then some old-timey nursery rhymes and watched one Berenstain Bears story (the one where Brother gets a watch because he's always late to everything and he makes Sister miss meeting Ursula Major, writer of the Big Dipper mysteries).

So, now Pic's playing quietly and I'm about to finish the laundry I started last night and eat a pound of cherries (give or take).


* For more, and much funnier, bathroom hijinks, check out this past post by Coach J. It still cracks me up every time I think about it. (I didn't realize it was from about seven months ago. Great stuff!)