Wednesday, July 29, 2009

little notes

1. How is it that we are out of town for not even two whole days and it decides to rain?! (Of course, yes, I understand that the weather doesn't revolve around me -- otherwise it might always be overcast -- but I am still disappointed that we missed this much-discussed summer storm.)

2. It is so much easier to grate unfrozen cheddar cheese than frozen.

3. I just read a comment elsewhere with a reference to 'backward cleavage.'

4. Where have all the payphones gone/long time passing/where have all the payphones gone/long time ago? (I'll tell you The Land Before Cellphones.)

-- Where Have All the Flowers Gone?, Kingston Trio (there is no video, at all, so: background music? sure) (I embedded the Kingston Trio's rendition because this is how I first heard the song.)


Coach J said...

Amen to #2! And backwards cleavage? Is that like anti-cleavage, like those of us with tiny boobs have?