Friday, July 24, 2009

rave review...or is it?

Sometimes I love reading others' reviews. Here's one for a restaurant we might return to in our upcoming travels.

We went for Saturday night dinner. The special was Prime Rib. It was a little tough but it was big. The ranch dressing on the cold green salad was good. Simple, like home cooking. For dessert I ordered Raspberry pie a la mode. It was wonderful. They have a cute selection of fising T-shirts and lots of good nastalga on the walls to read and look at. Next time I will go for breakfast and try the waffles.

Sounds pretty good right? Other than the meat that was a little tough, right? So, guess how many stars out of five possible this reviewer gave? Go ahead, guess.



kate said...

I'm sorry, I couldn't get past all of the errors in that review. "Nastalga?" Was it really gross old stuff? Why is raspberry the only capitalized word in the name of the dessert? What does the prime rib being big have to do with it being tough? Being big definitely makes up for it being tough. Because I know that's just what I want - more tough meat. Oh, and don't forget the "fising T-shirts." Crazy reviewer. (I hope this wasn't a friend who reviewed this.)
All that being said, "Raspberry pie a la mode" sounds absolutely fantabulous! I want some please.