Saturday, November 14, 2009


While today wasn't necessarily exciting, it was a good day. First, because my parents are here. We woke up late (Cardo finally went in to check on Pic at 9:30, while I was thinking, 'Yes! She's still asleep! I can still sleep!') and made a vat of oatmeal. I had mine with a bit of maple syrup, some frozen blueberries and some almonds and it was pretty tasty.

After that, off to errands. Although I may not love paying my utility bill, I do so love to have a home with electricity and gas. Actually, I don't really mind paying the bill (with money Cardo earned, of course), I just don't love it. New ink, next, because the 'new' cartridge we put in last time didn't work. We buy recycled cartridges and something must have gone haywire.

Next stop? Lunch with Mr M and Baby K, where Pic had a bit of a weepy meltdown and I had to take her outside for a walk and a cuddle before she calmed down.

Then, our weekly visit with Grandma J (she told Pic that Pic could call her Grandma because Pic has no grandparents in Reno). Yesterday, Grandma J called to let us know she was sick and we might not be able to come over today, but she was considerably better today.

A few more errands, including getting some frozen yogurt. Cardo is the Frozen Yogurt Monster. There's a new place in town and he's obsessed. Moreso than I am with ice cream these days (I must be in an ice cream slump).

Our last outing was a trip to Coach J's new place (which she mentions here). Even before we got inside I liked the place. The patio is cute and would be a nice place for a little table and some chairs. There're a bunch of windows and I'm sure the house gets great light during the day. It was nice to get out a bit and see some good friends, some who I haven't seen in a bit and most who I don't see very often (I'm something of a hermit*). I need to get myself out so much more often and see these wonderful people.

We're settled in for the evening. No Monk last night, but there will be some tonight. What will I watch when this season, the last of the series, is over?

One final note. I almost left Coach J's without getting a piece of Ms B's pumpkin roll and, oh, what a terrible mistake that must have been. Ms B? Homemade snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches? Homemade pumpkin roll? I'm in love!


* I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I once went about a semester not being able to remember the word 'hermit.' I could only think 'eremite,' but I was too afraid to use it in conversation or writing because I knew it wasn't quite the word I wanted. Ah, Spenser, how you will forever influence my vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

Question -- Where do you get your recycled ink cartridges? I actually just refill my cartridges at Walgreens, but if your way is cheaper...

It was fun last night. I don't get out often, either. We should definitely try to make hanging out a weekly thing.

Lastly, I don't know if it's rude or not, but I brought home with me a slice of the pumkin roll. :D I figured, I need to bring my plate home anyway, so why not include a slice on it? Haha

Coach J said...

Totally not rude. That pumpkin roll was amazing. We had it for breakfast this morning! And I agree, let's hang out more often!