Saturday, August 1, 2009

metaphorically speaking

The other day, Pic and I were out for a walk and a snack. The conversation turned to our friends Coach J and Destructor. (Pic was asking if Destructor was coming over to our place.) I was telling Pic that Coach J had run a marathon in October and Pic responded, 'I'm running a marathon.'

'Oh, really?' I asked.

'Yes, I'm my fousand kids' mother, remember.'

[I think I have forgotten to mention the 'fousand kids' somehow. Recenty, Pic has decided that she has a thousand kids, go figure. They come almost everywhere with us. She went around and asked a bunch of people if she could take their kids off their hands and they all said yes. This is how she tells it anyhow.]


Coach J said...

That is HILARIOUS. I swear, Pic says the best things. I hope Destructor is half as funny and creative as she is.