Saturday, August 15, 2009

blog summer night

One Minute Writer from some days ago (I think two days ago): What would be your perfect night out?

Arriving at the Blue Park and running around in the shade, listening to the river. Unpacking the stroller or tricycle from the trunk and setting out for one of our walks. If there's time, we head to the Lion Park and take an interesting detour on the way back. If there isn't time, we head down several random streets.

It's evening, there's a breeze, the sun is getting low and the light is getting glowy. People are starting to turn on their lamps inside. We can smell dinner being prepared.

Today, Cardo asked, 'I wonder if the people who live around here think we live here because we walk here so often?'

We don't live there, we just dream there.

[Okay that was two minutes, but I don't type that fast.]