Monday, August 10, 2009

today and tomorrow

I know that 'routine' was last month's NaBloPoMo theme, but I feel like returning to it anyhow. So, today...

Pic got up this morning to join us in our bed. She's been doing this for the last couple of days and it's been wonderful. I'm glad that she sleeps in her own sleeping bag (she's slept in it almost every single night since we gave it to her for her birthday), but it's nice to snuggle with her first thing in the morning. She and Cardo got up shortly after she came in this morning, though; she didn't want to sleep any longer. She did come to cuddle with me later and it was nice to have her tucked into the crook of my arm. I rubbed her head and gazed into her eyes and was reminded of the days (the many, many days) of breastfeeding. I didn't have the usual pang of sad nostalgia this time though, only happiness.

When I finally got up, Cardo went out to work on his car. It's been squeaking for the past ninety years but he finally got it to stop today. Hooray! I ate breakfast (a toasted bagel with tzatziki and sliced ham accompanied by a glass of water) and showered while Pic played some games on the PBS Kids website (yes, finally at four, we started letting her play on the computer a bit -- I'm just glad she's so far satisfied with PBS Kids). Then, we joined Cardo outside where Pic clipped on her helmet and rode her tricycle around a bit.

We came back in and, for a moment, I thought I was going to have some time to myself while Cardo and Pic went to wash the car, but Cardo decided that Pic should stay home and then he ended up not going either. I was really hoping that they'd just go. I haven't had any daytime just for myself since May. I suppose it's a good thing I'm not a single parent because I'd be whining a whole lot more. I've tried not to dwell here. I love being with Pic, but that doesn't change that every once in a while, I want a minute to have alone time to read uninterrupted. This is part of the reason I don't sleep. ANYHOW...

The three of us prepared the mix for some ice cream. So long after the owning-an-ice-cream-maker-is-in thing, we finally bought one. So, this afternoon, we donned our aprons and made a bit of a mess. We also managed to scramble the egg a bit. Ugh. I was going on about how we had to temper the egg so it wouldn't scramble and we were doing okay, but then we added the tempered egg back in too quickly et voile, chocolate scrambled egg ice cream mix. Can't wait.

Pic and I sat at the dining room table where she read me the comics for forty minutes. Then, she and I started to gather the toys she no longer plays with so we can give them away. I had her pick out three things today and we'll keep up with the three things deal for a bit. She's got tons of toys. She's been given plenty, but we also have a bad habit of picking up something at Goodwill or Savers very often. Then, I slept. I asked her if she minded if I rested on her sleeping bag and pillow and she didn't mind. I rested for a bit and then I slept. A bit later, Cardo joined me and we both slept on Pic's floor. (Super Parents strike again!) I eventually got up with Pic because she was going a little stir crazy and I didn't want her to wake Cardo, however, I just came out to the living room with her, where I went to sleep again. I was awoken by her little face in mine announcing, 'It's time to eat!' Cardo had made enchiladas again.

We ate and then headed out for a walk. We went to the Blue Park and brought Pic's tricycle with us. After we played catch for a while with those velcro hand pad thingies and a little tennis ball, we set out for the Lion Park. Pic was so incredibly happy to just be on her tricycle. Cardo and I walked/jogged (or wogged, as a friend calls it) along behind her as she tooted her horn and rang her bell anytime a car came anywhere near us. By the time we got back, it was dark and time to come home. One of my favorite things is to walk in the evening, a cool breeze, the streetlights coming on, the smell of other peoples' dinners floating out to the sidewalk.

Ah, but here I go with the nostalgia again and I have a book and some Sleepytime tea awaiting me.

Tomorrow: chocolate scrambled egg ice cream. I'll let you know how that goes.



The Furie Queene said...

Just in case you didn't try this, when you end up scrambling the eggs a bit, just pour it into a wire sieve (or strainer, depending upon what you call it). That'll get the teensy chunks of egg out.