Saturday, August 8, 2009

p.p.s more food


Wow, that last post was incredibly time consuming. Here I go again.

such an easy dinner (for me): Cardo grilled the chicken and the corn and we had leftover baked triple-bean pot beans (I'll be making these again this week)

ah, portabella burgers, it's been far too long -- Cardo also oversaw Pic and I making guacamole and, of course, there're strawberries and cherries [I just realized this picture is sideways, but I don't really care to make it unsideways...sorry]

'enchilada' (I was informed this is not how you make enchiladas, but I was also told that if I made them this way again, they would still be eaten)

ENCHILADAS (to be said in a robust voice) made by Cardo, along with leftover guacamole and Cardo's fancy schmancy plating

Pic serving up some of the ENCHILADAS (again with the robust voice)