Friday, August 21, 2009

you know, that one movie

The other night, Cardo and I were playing Trivial Pursuit and there was a question something like: 'What was Uma Thurman wearing on her feet for most of Pulp Fiction?' (I probably got most of that question wrong, but whatever.)

'Nothing!' I gleefully shouted (only very quietly, because Pic was sleeping).

'Right, she was barefoot,' Cardo responded, 'How'd you know that?'

'You watched the movie the other day when we were housesitting.'

Cardo sat there looking confused.

'You know,' I went on, 'The nasty movie where the women were always fighting each other...covered in blood...snatching eyeballs out.' [Pardon me while I vomit.]

'That was Kill Bill.'

'Oh, right, oops. But I still got it right.'

So, I'm not really at all, not even a little a Quentin Tarantino fan. Sorry. I'll leave his work for others. But, I got my little wedge for my gamepiece.


P.S. At one point, I was more of a Tarantino fan, but I just can't stomach the violence anymore. I'm not sure that all of his films have so much violence but I choose not to find out. It seems that the more I tune in to the actual violence in the world, the less interested I am in watching it on the screen.

P.P.S. I knew that it wasn't Pulp Fiction that Cardo had been watching -- doesn't that film have John Travolta? -- but all too often I speak before I think.


Kat said...

Yes. I have been a huge Tarantino fan for a long time. And yes, ALL his films are violent. My big criticism is the swearing. I feel like he can't write dialog,so he just throws in curse words.