Monday, August 17, 2009

surfin' the crimson wave

I just ordered my first set of cloth pads from a seller on etsy. Poke* sent me a couple of links and I finally decided to just order them already. I've been wanting to, but the price thing always holds me up. I know that this reason is completely illogical because, really, the price of regular pads adds up much more quickly. If I like them, I'll share the name of the seller here. (If I don't, I'm sure it'll probably just be a me issue, so I won't go blaming other people.)

So, why cloth pads? Several reasons, in no particular order:
- I'm not a big fan of tampons, but I'm not sure that I really want to try any of the various menstrual cups out there. Maybe one day.
- I would really like to have something reusable. I hate throwing away that much plastic. One of my biggest guilt issues in raising Pic (there aren't many of these issues) is not cloth diapering. Cardo refused to go along with it no matter the reassurances that no, we wouldn't be using something akin to giant cloth napkins affixed with giant safety pins. I tried to get him to agree to cloth diapers, but I still feel I could have done more. Ah, well. She's long out of diapers now, so I should just let it go, right? Anyhow, I plan on having my period for the next several decades at least, so I can at least stop using disposable products.
- I loathe regular disposable pads. I hate feeling like I'm wearing a diaper.
- My living/money situation is most likely soon to change and I'd like to save money where I can. It's funny how so often doing something that is (at least supposed to be) good for the environment can seem so expensive at first until I look a little further. I don't want to buy expensive cleaning products, for instance, so I use vinegar and baking soda. I don't have the money to buy any of the organic cotton or bamboo clothing I've so far found (I really can't get over that sticker shock), so we buy used clothes. I'm hoping that I'll soon get it through my head that buying a set of reusable pads will very quickly prove to be less costly than monthly buying disposable ones.

So, anyhow, I'll let you know.


* Poke will very soon be (might already be) cloth diapering Baby B. (Baby B has to be big enough to fit into the diapers, but then they'll last throughout her diapered days.)


lotsofglue said...

I have looked into the bamboo rave and I see allot of things I do not like. The process to make some of the fabric is lots like rayon. You have to use acid to soften the fibers up and then spins the resulting goo into fibers. They are also chopping down old growth forests to make bamboo plantations. So I hopped off the train.
I looooove oldnew clothes. my favorite outfits are from goodwill.

ohohohoh you are the first I know that is going to try the cloth pads! I am itching to try now that mine are actually showing up every month. (my gall bladder messed up my hormones to where my cycle would be once every couple of months)