Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I have been meaning to post forever and forever about a few handmade items I’ve acquired in the last eight months. (Why, yes, I do procrastinate.)

First, about the whole not washing my hair for five weeks over the summer. This has to do with that. Before that experiment, I switched over from regular, liquid shampoo to bar shampoo. I read about Blue House Soaps on nature moms blog and started ordering shampoo bars and face soap from them. I was very wary about the shampoo bars because I was convinced they wouldn’t really clean my hair. However, I LOVE them. And, the owners send the soaps wrapped in cute little bits of fabric. Right now, the owners are moving to a new house and they aren’t taking any new orders. I’m not sure when they will begin again, but I hope it’s soon. I have been using Dr Bronner’s All-in-One soap as shampoo for the last few months. I get that over at Whole Foods. I use both the plain one and the rose one. The face soap, though? I love the Blue House Soaps face saver soap. It’s the best face soap I’ve ever used and I’ll be sad if they don’t start making their soaps again.

I was so excited when I got these in the mail all those months ago. Also, I ordered that little wooden soap holder and they sent a free sample of soap.

This picture is from when we went to visit Poke and her family in August. I had just gotten a new order of soap. This time, I also ordered some soap for Pic. I got another free sample, but I don't have a picture.

As for the five weeks over the summer: I went no ‘poo. I used a baking soda paste on my hair, which actually did clean it, but it never felt clean enough. The instructions said it would take between two and eight weeks for my hair/scalp to get used to me no longer using shampoo. I almost made it six. I think I might try it again next summer and see if I can go until my hair feels normal to me again.

More handmade: my new pads. I’ve had them for a few months now, but I’ve had a few weird periods (which I’m sure everyone needs to know), so I still wasn’t sure if the pads were going to work out. Now I know, though, that I love them. I bought them from Crea8tiveMama on etsy, per Poke's suggestion. I’d like to get some more. I bought a starter set and a Pad My Stash set. If only I knew how to sew so much better than I do. I’m trying to talk my mom into opening an etsy shop and I keep giving her ideas about what to sell. I have no plans of ever going back to disposable pads.

(Not to worry: This is a pre-use picture. I just wanted to show off the fun designs.)

Now, just to gross you out (in case you aren’t already grossed out by the thought of cloth pads…because, believe me, Cardo is grossed out), I’m thinking about switching us over to handkerchiefs. I’m not sure how grossed out I myself will be about this prospect, but I’ll give it a go. However, what material are handkerchiefs made from? Cotton, I’m guessing, but there’s every possibility that I’m totally off on this.

Other ideas or suggestions for me?


Anonymous said...

My mom uses handkerchiefs, which is helpful when I travel and want to buy a souvenir. I buy a handkerchief with a stereotypical picture or decal of whereve it is that I am visiting.

Most are cotton, although a few are silk or other materials.

I'm not so sure what I think about the pads...

v said...

Hmm, silk handkerchiefs? That sounds too glossy for me.

About the pads, you definitely have to not mind rinsing them out. (Then, I just wash them with the rest of my laundry and let them air dry. Lest you might be thinking I just rinse them out. I just wanted to make that clear.)

lotsofglue said...

I was going to ask you about the pads the other day and it totally slipped my mind.
I think the cloth pads are beyond awesome.

My grandma used to use cotton/linen napkins at every meal. It is a good idea to resuresct.
I am with you-- I cannot figure out how to sew with elastic, once I do tho i am sewing up cloth diapers until my fingers fall off!!

v said...

We've finally gotten Cardo to come around to the idea of cloth napkins. (Especially because we ran out of paper towels and he doesn't have much choice.)