Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We've almost reached the autumnal equinox. While I have been trying to not wish away time, to wish for the summer to end and the leaves to turn fiery, I've kind of been doing just that. There's something (so much) about autumn that I just love.

Sunday, Pic and I headed out for a walk. I had on my windbreaker and she had on a hoodie. Our hair danced around our heads in the brisk breeze. Although it was only about five in the afternoon (evening?), the sun was already so low in the sky. I wanted to walk forever.

I've been going through a bit of a rough phase for a while. The kind that has me counting down (many, many) days. The kind that kind of has me wishing away time. Next year, I think, Next year, I'll do things differently. I'll listen to my instincts and to what I know about my family and our rhythm. I'll let go more easily. Check back with me in a year and see how I've done.

In the meantime, Pic and I are hoping to start a new tradition or two to celebrate the autumnal equinox. I hope this isn't just one of those plans we never follow through on. So, here's to autumn and here's to new traditions. (Hmm, does that phrase even work? Here's to something that'll be new to us now, but that we hope will be considered tradition years from now? Chissa?)

Right now, I'm off to respond to my body and get some rest already.