Sunday, September 5, 2010


There are very few traditions we participate in, but the Great Reno Balloon Race is one of them. We have been going for several years now, although I never went to the Reno races before Pic was born. Growing up, I remember attending a similar event down in Vegas with my mom and Auntie Peecho. We'd get up horribly early, pour hot chocolate in thermoses, stuff ourselves into puffy winter coats and head out to watch the festivities. I loved it. I love sharing that with Pic.

Last year, we were woefully late (sorry, again, Auntie C and Uncle A), but this year, we hope that won't be the case. Cardo and I've informed Pic that it's her job to wake us up when the alarms (yes, plural) go off.

(Yes, that's how early we have to be up and out there, but it's definitely been worth it for us.)