Wednesday, September 15, 2010

silver linings and whatnot

I've had an exhausting beginning of the week, and I've got a few more days of little sleep and long hours (like so many others, yes, I know). At one point today, I was running from one building to another, laden with bags, puffing along. I hate to be so late that I'm running. Most of the time, I'm grateful to not be noticed at all, but I feel like I'm hard to miss when I'm inadvertently making such a spectacle of myself. I walked into my next commitment less than a minute before I was needed there. I despise being late. And, to me, moments before start time is tardiness. Worse? I arrived with a bladder that I'm sure had swollen to about nine times it's normal size. (Yesterday, I didn't hydrate myself enough, so today I overcompensated.)

I was unhappy with myself for not managing my time better and I let that set the tone for the rest of my afternoon. For the next few hours, after my sprint, which followed not nearly enough nourishing food (or, food, period), I felt my energy wane. By the time I headed home, I was practically asleep on my feet. Pic on the other hand was bouncing all over the place. I know both of those descriptions are pretty cliche, but both are so incredibly fitting.

She and I made it home and I immediately stripped off my slacks and blouse and donned an oversized t-shirt. I fed myself (Pic wasn't hungry). I started to relax, just a tiny bit. I sat down at the computer and opened my personal e-mail and found two pictures of Pic practicing yoga this morning. Cardo said he and Pic will be practicing a bit together tomorrow also.

So, yes, it's been a long and not-altogether-pleasant day, but any day that ends with this

belongs put into the "good" column.

It's days like this that make me realize both that I love what I do, the thing that takes me away from my home, and that I don't want to be so torn between the one and the other.