Thursday, September 30, 2010

we go out walking

Yes, we're still at it. Walking. We're not out as much as I'd like, but I'm making an effort to keep up with it because it keeps me healthy both physically and emotionally. Cardo has even admitted that all this walking helps him. Pic? Well, she's along for the ride, but she's not yet asked why we're the boring people who do not much more than walking. Ah, Pic, how we love you so.

So, enough waxing on? A look at a recent walk? All righty, then.

Before we set off, I noticed this group of acorn tops. I imagine a group of feasting faeries fled just before I arrived.

Mamma gets a ride!

Birds on a wire (or two).

A gathering.

Not exactly clear, no, but the lights were lit! A Christmas house -- a year-round Christmas house! Oh, so funny.


Monica said...

ah, we love our walks. have tried to have one every day as much as posisble, with my wee girl. want to teach her the simplicity of a good walk.

v said...

Yes, the simplicity. We need it.