Monday, September 6, 2010

with honors

I kind of half-watched this earlier, as I was preparing for the upcoming week. (Yes, I know, when I try to do two or more things at once, I do none of them well.)

"What is the Constitution?" [from the movie With Honors]

This scene is probably always relevant, but it seems to me to be even more so right now when I have been hearing so many pleas to return to the original intentions of the founders of the US. To those who argue this, I have to ask, "Really?" Even if they argue that we return to the original document (because the use of "intentions" doesn't sit well with me), I have to wonder. And, yes, if I presented this monologue from With Honors, they'd probably have to ask me, "Really?" Yes.


On a note way off to the side here, speaking of parking lots, until very recently I thought the song "Big Yellow Taxi," included the lyrics, "big paradise, put up a parking lot." I never really paid attention to the other lyrics. (And, for an even further confession, I had never heard Joni Mitchell sing the song until just now.)

"big yellow taxi - joni mitchell in concert 1970"