Monday, September 13, 2010

itty-bitty pops

Yesterday, I wanted to make food. Actually, I often want to make food, but feel to exhausted to do so. (Or, y'know, we haven't been shopping in a while and we're sadly lacking important ingredients). I wanted to make some kind of banana bread because we have three sad, sad bananas languishing on our dining room table. However, we're missing at least one ingredient from every recipe I have. I'm not such a huge fan of banana bread (or bananas in general), but I refuse to let those go completely to compost.

Anyhow, Pic and I did end up making tiny popsicles yesterday. I cannot find my popsicle molds, but we did have an empty ice cube tray and a huge box of popsicle sticks. We loosely based our method on Catherine Newman's from her mango fro-yo pops recipe (except...we didn't use vanilla, we used a different main fruit and I had no lemons or limes). So, basically, without measuring anything, I poured a bit of white grape juice into the blender and topped it with some raspberries, plain Greek yogurt and some agave nectar. I was too lazy to climb up on anything to get down the vanilla, but I'll add it next time. A couple of quick whirs in the blender and our base was ready for the ice cube tray. We let the popsicles set a while and then pushed the sticks in. Pick at a couple of popsicles yesterday and we each had one today. I think next time I'll use less yogurt. And, I have a melon on my counter that I bought specifically for making popsicles, so our next batch will be a different flavor. Super simple.

What, you don't put on your finery for popsicle consumption?

And, super simple is all I feel I have time for right now. I'm having a very difficult time with balance and rhythm right now. Based on the last month, I know, right now, that I want to do things differently next year. I hope I'll have the same resolve then. And, I hope I'll have found the confidence to do what I really want to do. Until then, I'm back to sleeping in three-hour shifts. Wasn't I just rejoicing over not having this schedule anymore? Ugh.

Right now, I'm needing to get back to other necessities. The rest of this week is going to feel interminable. I'll just have to keep on keeping on right? Because I don't have much choice otherwise. This weekend, I'll reassess and figure out a more workable schedule for myself and my family.