Wednesday, September 29, 2010

there once was a woman...

...who was supposed to be responding to a stack of papers, but who was very distracted by this:

"The Pajama Game - There Once Was a Man"

I love the yodely-twang of this. (Yes, I'm making up words now.) It's so goofy.

This movie, in general kind of makes me laugh. The women who work in the pajama factory are wearing heels. These leading lovers take about four moments to each realize they love the other. Oh, so much fun and I'm only thirty minutes in (I had to pull that video from youtube although I haven't reached that part of the movie yet.)

I'm also fond of "Steam Heat," and probably some other songs I also haven't gotten to yet.

"The Pajama Game - Steam Heat"


kate said...

I also love this movie. I really want to watch it now but I believe it is on a VHS tape in storage. :( So, I will satisfy myself with your videos for now. Thanks!