Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this one's for indie

This was sent along to me by Poke. As I replied to her, I don't watch the show (although I'm sure I could lose many, many hours of my life to enjoying it).

"Glee - Safety Dance with Artie HD"

Watching this, I reflect on a theory I've long been formulating. It's nothing earth-moving or anything, mind you, just something I've long mulled over. Part of dancing well is being confident and letting that confidence show through your moves. Yes, rhythm e molto importante, ma confidence is a necessity. Otherwise, how would anyone explain how some instances of "good dancing" are such? Because, when I take the time to really scrutinize dance moves (and I do this all the time when I'm watching dance), lots of moves would just seem silly if the person performing them didn't believe that she or he was completely awesome. So, rhythm and confidence. Oh, yes, of course, dance tunes help. But, I think part of the confidence I'm going on and on about is allowing yourself to get wrapped up in or lost in the music. And, perhaps, this whole issue is why I'm not a good dancer: I still have confidence issues, all these years into this life. Ah, well.