Wednesday, July 6, 2011

danny tanner cleaning

Every time I clean something like the bottle of dish soap, I think of Danny Tanner. There was the time he used the hand-held vacuum to clean the regular vacuum. And, there was the time he was washing his cleaning gloves (which I do not use, much to the chagrin of everyone who has had to fingerprint me in the past several years) and Joey, I think, came in and said something like, "Danny's finally done it: he's cleaning soap!" (There's no way that's an accurate quote; that's just what I'm remembering.)

So, what has been "Danny Tanner" cleaned around here in the past couple of days?
* the dish soap bottle (of course)
* the kitchen sink stopper
* the trash cans
* the dust pan

Right now, the refrigerator is pulled out so I can attempt to clean the coils. I keep reading these articles about cleaning the coils, but it turns out I have no idea where the coils are and I'm kind of wishing I had never tried to clean that. Oh, geez, it's disgustingly fuzzy back there. And, it wasn't until after I washed the back plate thing that I realized it's cardboard. It's outside right now, where I hope it'll dry enough for me to replace. Please don't disintegrate!

I have about one more day of this intense cleaning left in me (lots more cleaning has been going on, not just the above) and then I'm resorting to shoving stuff in closets to get me through mid-next week.


Now I'm off to read the imdb trivia on Full House.