Monday, July 18, 2011

this cracks me out

Phrases that would seem so mundane (or just strange) coming from adults' mouths just seem so funny when they pop out of Pic's mouth. I'm thinking part of it is me marveling at how she even comes across and/or comes up with these things. Part is also that there must be something biological that keeps me oh-so-interested in her doings...and sayings.

So, what has Pic come up with lately?

"That's a toughie! That's going to be a toughie!"

"Can't you believe it?!"

"That cracks me out!"

More? The other day, she told me she was hot, so I told her we'd put her in some ice or put her in the freezer. Her response: "Do you want me to get chicken pops?!"

I asked her, "Chicken pox?"

"Yes, do you want me to get chicken pops?"

"Why would you get chicken pox?"

"Because, when we get cold, we get chicken pops," she reasoned.

"Oh, goose bumps!"

And, finally: the other day, we were visiting Grandma J who asked Pic what kinds of toys she liked. Pic responded, "Oh, I like stuffed animals. And, stuffed people." Cardo and I spent the following several minutes avoiding each others' eyes and stifling laughter.

I keep wondering if we'll always be so amused with the little things she says.