Sunday, July 3, 2011


It the beginning of last month, Grandma J turned 88! I made a simple dinner, and we headed over to her house. I was also going to make dessert, but we were at least one ingredient short for every recipe I wanted to make. And, I was running out of time. And, I was starting to melt down.

I am thinking, as I've thought many times before, that giving food for birthdays and any other special days is the way to go. I'm not big on giving stuff, as there's just so much stuff everywhere we turn. But, food? Food that I've made myself. That takes (so, so much) time and effort and is really, no matter how simple it seems in the end, how I'm showing you, on a plate, bowl or pan, that I really do care about you.

(And, all this babbling makes me realize that I need to make something for Uncle A's birthday, which was yesterday. What to make? What to make?)

Also, it's National Blueberry Month! Happy baking!


This all has a somewhat upbeat tone, but Grandma J isn't doing so well. For those of you who can spare a positive thought or two, please send some her way. I thank you.