Friday, July 22, 2011

a little look at language

For whatever reason, it's funny to me that "we" still call our grown children "children." (The first use of quotations marks there is because I don't yet have a child who is 18+.) Why don't we call them our "adults"? As in, "Oh, yes, my adult is moving into her first place on her own next week." Hmm.


Anonymous said...

It's because one definition of "child" is a son or daughter, and because while are parents are living, we are always a son or daughter, we are consequently also a child.

I guess it's also because it would be a bit odd, and cold, to say, "My immediate descendent is buying a house."

v said...

Um, yeah. I think I might have lost part of my brain somewhere along the way. Also, this is exactly why (especially when I'm working on partial brain function) I look up words I "know."

And, yes, as long as I'm admitting things here, I've heard the phrase "adult child" before.


The Furie Queene said...

I think I'm going to start referring to W as my immediate descendent, although I think it's a tad morbid, as it implicitly refers to my inevitable demise.

Oh, and in my above post, the first "are" should be "our." Oy, indeed. :D

v said...

I totally didn't catch that "are." :)

And, I suppose I can now confess that I often refer to Pic as Child. I mean as a term of endearment, although I know that it'd probably freak some others out to hear me refer to her as such. Not sure why I do this.

Also, I think it'd be funny if W grew to refer to you as her immediate ancestor.