Saturday, July 30, 2011


I am right now doing something both fabulously delicious and something that makes me somewhat uneasy: I'm spending time senza la mia famiglia. I have finally (and again, really) asked for some time to myself because I feel I need it if I am going to be a kind member of this family. I have been allowing myself to become overwhelmed all together too often lately (slept from about 5:30-9:30 this morning and that was it) and I need to step back and figure out how to deal with this. I need to take a little time for myself so that I have more to give to my family when we're together. The snappishness just isn't fair to anyone and I can't stand myself when I'm constantly lashing out at those around me.

So, as I've a limited amount of time here in this vast haven of silence (thanks be for Saturday at a (very quiet) library), I'm about to head off to do what I intended. I'm hoping to make this a weekly thing. I keep pushing Cardo to do the same, but I think I'll ease up on that as he doesn't seem too into the idea...yet.

There's so much more that I need right now -- for my family, for myself and for goal-reaching, but this, right now, feels like the proper first step.

Here's hoping that you are all also able to take a bit of time to step back from "it all" and recoup.

Happy Saturday.