Friday, July 22, 2011

night owl

Quite a while back, Cardo was lucky enough to snag a large chunk of a homeschooler's library and other resources through Craigslist. Along with a good many books, a recorder, bookcases and a night sky light thing, we got a 2005 daily-page calendar of origami instructions.

I've been meaning to delve into this calendar for quite some time and last night, I finally did. Actually, I pulled it out and set it aside where I'd notice it and finally get to it. (See v strew. Go me!) Pic grabbed it and set about making a dog finger puppet with Papi. Later, she and I attempted to craft some owls. It took me long enough to figure out how to make a square base (and yes, there is some folding involved in doesn't just refer to the square piece of paper we started with). It took some blue language muttered under my breath and too many minutes for me to want to admit to for me to figure out how to go from the square base to the bird base. (I'm using the "bird base" and "square base" terminology from the calendar. I have no idea if it's common origami parlance.) Oh, buddy, I need someone to show me how to do this stuff live and in person*.

Anyhow, as evidenced at the top of this post, I figured it out...eventually. I am not elated with the appearance of the resulting owl, but I am loving that I figured it out.

Most of the pages of the calendar are still in the box and I look forward to tackling more of the projects. (At least, I say that now, at five in the morning on zero sleep.)

I do think that the many, many freecycled magazine pages might not be the absolute best origami paper, though. I'll stick with it because, well, I collected those magazine for around-the-house projects and the above is just that.

I should mention that the back of each calendar page is patterend paper, but this makes little sense to me. How I am supposed to fold the figures on the paper that contains the instructions? There might be some obvious, logical answer to that question, but please refer to the above lack-of-sleep comment.


* Such a funny phrase.