Saturday, July 2, 2011

homeschool adventures

Last weekend was a big weekend of birthday fun around here. On Friday, there was a quadruple birthday party in the park. Four of the homeschooling young 'uns celebrated birthdays (ranging in ages from one to six). There were crowns, butterfly nets and bubble wands. The kids each got to paint their own little wooden treasure boxes. There was also a piƱata, which Pic whacked the crud out of, as did the even smaller girl who went before her. There were massive slabs of cake after the wind refused to let the candles be lit.

(Previously posted picture and now put into context.)

The next day was a pool party at the Washoe Valley Swim Center. We went there once last year and loved it. It cost only a few dollars to get in and they are open from something like six in the morning until eight in the evening. On Saturday morning, we got into the car to head out and the battery was dead. Fortunately for us, our neighbor has a little charger pack and got us going. The party was fun. There are a bunch of pools there. Because we got there late, Pic didn't meet the other younger kids until we ate lunch, so I mainly followed her around as she tried out the various pools and as she debated jumping from the lower of the two diving boards. We finally left when the birthday teen (!) and his mom left.

Definitely a busy weekend, but also definitely fun.