Saturday, July 19, 2008

five years...and growing

This morning found me sitting outside a hair salon at ten to eight. I munched on fruit and cheese and sipped an Arnold Palmer as I impatiently waiting for the group appointment I was there for. The storefront to the left displayed a variety of vitamins and other supplements (“Having trouble sleeping? Try tryptophan!”). The storefront to the right boasted of Latin American goods (“Encomiendos de Guatemala!”).

After the hairdressers showed up (twenty minutes late), I quickly volunteered to have my hair styled first. My last experience having my hair styled involved no less than two full hours (I believe it was more), and I wasn’t looking forward to this again. It turned out that I was out by ten to nine. Now, I just hope my hair will hold the curl until at least seven this evening (any bets on the table, people?) when pictures will all have been taken.

Today is the wedding of our dearly beloved friends. We’ve been there since the beginning of the relationship – since before there even was a relationship, actually – and are honored to be a part of their celebration today.

I’m a little nervous about how I’ll hold up today. I’m emotional (as in crying during the news) on a calm day. On this day, when almost three hundred people will be in some state of joyful emotional upheaval, things could get floody. Also, Pic, Cardo and I are all in the actual wedding party, so there will be no extra pair of strong arms to scoop Pic up and whisk her off when she becomes overly-rowdy. This is what makes me the most nervous. Our friends’ pastor yesterday asked everyone in attendance to be accepting of the fact that there are three-year-olds in the wedding and that there will be many other children at the ceremony. There were only about thirty of us there, yesterday, though. Today, with so many, I’m fearing there will be many who will be much less indulgent. And, I have to remind myself, Pic was invited, she’s a part of the wedding. The gorgeous bride, our dear, dear friend, repeatedly told us yesterday “Pic’s going to do what she’s going to do…I’m not worried about it.”

So, today, I’ll be practicing my Zen “be in the moment”-ness, I hope. I’ll enjoy the wedding and try not to worry too much about the fact that the flower girl and the ring bearer are playing tag while the mothers of the bride and groom are lighting the tapers for the unity candle.

I’ll post pictures after the fĂȘte.

[Image from Google, our friends aren't having a Halloween in July theme, I just happen to be infatuated with Halloween.]