Sunday, July 27, 2008

mean people suck

I remember this as a t-shirt logo. Anyone else remember this?

I've been told by two people in the last two days to check out As you might have read here, previously, I like to catch up on the archives of a blog when I start reading it. I have to believe that the people who write for this site (or, who wrote for it, if they don't both still do it) have gotten less horribly mean over time. Reading the 2004 posts is a bit excruciating. The site feels catty (not Katty, mind you) and a bit like middle school. I've always only been "cute" at best (and yes, I do mean to put that in quotes) and the hurtful words on these pages create this weird cringing insecurity in me. I mean, hello, yes, sometimes even celebrities are captured on film when they don't look their best. At least in the early posts, the commentary seems downright mean, not so much in good fun.

I'll continue to scroll through, though, and trust that things mellow out a bit.