Wednesday, July 16, 2008

food notes

There are just a couple of things I'll impart here.

First is an issue I suppose I should address. More than one person has asked me, concerned, if the pictures of my food depicts all I eat. Sometimes the portions seem small. Some assume that I'm showing pictures of Pic's food. For those of you who have seen me recently, you know that I'm certainly not lacking in caloric intake. I just don't like my different food items to touch one another. I like to prepare a nice, neat plate. However, most of the time, I eat more than is pictured, while still trying to watch my typical American, humungous serving sizes. When you actually look at serving sizes on packages of food or pay attention to serving sizes of foods such as proteins, fruits, vegetables and grains, we tend to eat incredibly more than we "should." If I stick strictly to serving sizes, I'm usually hungry. Sometimes I'll way overcompensate and eat a disgusting amount of food (especially if it's already unhealthy to begin with). Over the years, I've been able to adjust my mindset toward food, and I continue to work on this. If only I could just now convince myself to eat more fruits and vegetables instead of eating various unhealthy treats throughout the day...

Another food-related note: My body is not yet adjusting well to this semester. I know that I'm only three days in, but there are only twenty total days. I'm not a morning person, so I'm still not getting enough sleep before I have to pop out of bed and ready myself for my day. Also, my food intake is somewhat off. I've been eating breakfast, but I'm starving by the time I get home. Today, I fell asleep for a good while, after I got home and I woke up starving. I had to pick up Pic and then I took her to the pool. After that, I continued in my efforts to secure the title of World's Best Mamma, and I just heated canned food on the stove for dinner (no pictures, it wasn't worthy). Pic had left-over chicken. We both had cannellini and Trader Joe's no-salt-added corn. (I really like this canned corn. The niblets (sweet niblets!) are crunchy, not gummy like some canned corn.) I had been thinking to stop at the grocery store and pick up some fresh vegetables, but I was (and am) just too exhausted. Over the next few days, we'll be very busy, anyway, and I don't want any more fresh food rotting in my fridge*. After Pic goes to bed in a few minutes here, I'll probably make myself a very boring salad of mesclun and dressing...maybe some tuna depending on my laziness level.

* It has always seemed strange to me that when we abbreviate 'refrigerator,' we throw in the 'd': fridge. Why do we do that?


kate said...

Because otherwise, it would be "frige" and according to the screwed up rules* of our language, that e at the end would make the first vowel long. So, we would be pronouncing fry-j. (Can you tell I teach this "silent e" thing?)

*stupid, stupid not-ever-constant rules

Crystal said...

Ugh, being in a semester makes my eating habits go down the drain. I immediately become a junk food junkie, guzzling soda and eating on the fly and snacking incessantly while I type and write and lesson plan. It's the worst and, hmm, probably the real reason why I haven't lost a damned ounce of baby weight. I hate it. But what can you do? THe food you post pictures of always makes my mouth water btw.

I am posting from Hawaii! I stuck a couple pics up too!