Monday, July 21, 2008

hopelessly devoted

I am beyond in love with blogs. I could dive into the blogosphere and swim around for all eternity.

As always, I'm taking suggestions on any blogs you all are currently luxuriating in. Ms A recommended Greek Tragedy and Hey, Coach J! recommended No Fear Entertaining. I'm digging into these, but I just did a very dangerous thing...I visited the BlogHer site and started browsing the categories there and the blogs within them. I had to force my head above the surface before I grew fins and gills and stayed.

As you can probably assess from my blogroll, I mainly focus on mommy blogs and food blogs. For a moment, I felt...bad, or something for all of the blogs I wasn't reading, for all of the subjects I was ignoring. However, the gigantically, enormously humongous number of blogs afloat in the world shows me it's impossible to devote myself to all of them. This being typed, feel free to recommend any and all spectacular blogs you've got.

So, blog goddesses and gods, thank you.


I can't close without mention of the wedding we participated in this past weekend. There are only a couple of pictures on a previous post, but there will probably be more later. It was beautiful and perfect (even when one of the co-officiants referred to the bride and groom as Adam and Eve) and fun. There were so many people in attendance, but the wedding didn't ever feel overwhelming to me. We still can't believe our little Auntie C is married! Except, we can. Although they're young, Auntie C and Uncle A have been through a lot together and I hope that they're happier and more in love every day from here to eternity.


Okay, one more. Today is the one-year anniversary of the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. (I never did grasp why they didn't wait a few days and release the books on Harry's birthday.) Speaking of goddesses...thank you J.K. Rowling.


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Darn it. I just read his latest post. Apparently, he is no longer going to be a waiter, so I don't know how entertaining the blog will be, anymore.