Sunday, July 27, 2008


Tonight, I learned something I never wanted to know. Sunny D, a drink that has never been a favorite of mine, but one that I’ve imbibed on occasion growing up, is nasty for a reason. Someone (aside from Ms A, Ms K and Mr E) guess what the especially special ingredient is. (Okay, I’m sure there’re be plenty of you googling it, but try to guess first. It makes it more fun that way.)

Yesterday, people, was wondrous. I slept for twelve hours. Yes, that beautiful number, twelve! Apparently my body was tired of the lack of sleep (yes, I get how obvious that statement is) and decided to take matters into her own (who else’s?) hands. Woke up, drove almost to Dayton with Cardo and Pic, looked at an engine, hung out at Ms A’s for a bit, ate, ran errands. Then, it got better. A friend’s in for a millisecond, on a last-minute trip. She’ll be gone entirely too soon, but I only think that because I’m selfish about friends.

Okay, so today is an especially important day…Indie is coming to town! (More friends from places far and near!) I’m incredibly excited and I wish that I was completely free this week. Alas and alack, money-making calls. Fortunately my money-making endeavors are part-time and I have a great deal of time to hang out with one of the best people to have ever come into my life!

Well, I’m trying to type this and watch Freaky Friday at the same time, so I’ll sign off here for now. Thanks for all of the recent blog recommendations. (Oh, if you’re concerned about the drama…I’m completely recovered from my deletion of my blog bookmark folder. I’ve survived!) (Please note all of the exclamation points! Aren’t they obnoxious?!)


kate said...

Say hello to Indie for me. I miss her! and tell her to get a better picture of Pic this time. The one on her myspace is old and somewhat freaky. ;)