Sunday, July 27, 2008

it's just hair

In a back issue of Self I was recently reading is a quick tip on cutting your own bangs. I'm so tempted to do this, and yet, I know it's probably such a bad idea. The process sounds simple enough and goes (something) like this: gather the part that will be the fringe in the fingertips of one hand, thumb facing your nose; cut around the thumb-tip in a kind of upside-down "u" shape. Voila! Oh, wait, there was something about making sure that you could still see your thumb or that your thumb touched your nose or something, so that the hair doesn't end up entirely too short.

Once, my second year here, I let my roommate cut my hair. She kept asking if I was sure. "Yeah, it's just hair," I answered. I kind of realized that the haircut wasn't top-notch (she went to school for psychology, not cosmetology), but I didn't go to a professional to have it fixed until months later. When I sat down, the woman who was to cut my hair was a bit quiet, a concerned look on her face. "I let my roommate cut it," I confessed. A sigh of relief was exhaled and we chatted as she evened out the mess.

Here's the thing: I'd let (un)said friend cut my hair again. So, what's the big deal if I cut my own hair? I can see all of what would be going on in the front, at least. Maybe after Cardo returns home from work tonight...

Now that I've waxed on unnecessarily about my locks, the real news (yes, news!): Auntie Jan is here! I realized today that it's been about two years since I last saw her. Entirely too long. (That sentence fragment just sparked an idea I can employ this coming week. Score!)

The requisite new picture has been snapped by Auntie Jan, to replace the somewhat freaky "action picture" of Pic on Auntie Jan's webpage. You're welcome, Poke! :)

Tahoe will be visited on Tuesday (such is the plan) and the Stella run may be executed. (I'm slowly whittling down that 101/1001 list. Speaking of the list, I'm ever-so-slowly catching up on State of Grace. It's funny, though, because I'm reading about the first BlogHer when the third one just wrapped up. It's like the scene in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Harry -- I believe it's him -- is watching the Quidditch match through the replay on his dvr-like binoculars and he misses what's happening in real time.)


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