Tuesday, February 16, 2010

boob tube

We've finally started watching some of the Olympics' coverage (Olympics coverage?...does the coverage belong to the Olympics? eh). I like to watch the games, but it has also finally led me to miss having a DVR. I don't watch tv with commercials, which I don't normally think about, but which I actually like. It's frustrating to watch five minutes of a sport and then what feels like ten minutes of commercials. And, if I have to watch one more McDonald's commercial...argh!

Plus, we turned the coverage on at about eight, when it resumes here after evening news (or after we watch someone build a something on PBS) and my eyes started glazing over almost two hours into the coverage. I just cannot sit and watch this much tv when so much of it feels pointless. (Ooh, wait, there's a male figure skater with a skeleton costume on. I have to watch this. Okay, he's finished -- and "clearly not in the same league as the other men" -- so now for ten more minutes of ads for BMWs, Mickey D's and weird shows coming after the Olympics end (really -- there's a show where Alec Baldwin, Jerry Seinfeld and Kelly Ripa make fun of your marriage or something...um, no).)

Pic and I walked a ridiculous amount today. So, at this point, I'm wanting to watch the rest of tonight's coverage, but I'm exhausted. As part of our errands, though, we stopped by two of our local libraries and I picked up Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, and I just might be up the rest of the night paging through this, making a list of future meals and foods. Among many, many others: quick cinnamon biscuits, peach oats brulee, cauliflower with polonaise topping and sesame rice (which, I see, I wrote as "sesame street"). Mmm.

Really, though, I have to get to bed soon. I can't handle much more tv. G'night.