Sunday, February 28, 2010

marching on

All right. I've been pretty lazy in February. It feels as if the month has slipped away from me. I hope I don't do the same with March. So, I'm here to make a few resolutions for March.

-- meal plan again (nothing elaborate, but it really helps when I actually write it down)
-- plan something for Cardo's birthday and take him out
-- throw Pic's party (um, yeah, Supermom strikes again)
-- get rid of three pieces of clutter a day each day (this will probably end up being mainly things like junk mail and unneeded paperwork, but that's okay)
-- make pretzels!
-- figure out how to celebrate the equinox (ideas?)
-- don't participate in NaBlo (for whatever reason, it's harder for me to post when I have to)

Nothing particularly big or important, but here it is.


Ah, and now, February's NaBloPoMo is over!


Anonymous said...

I like this idea of posting a to-do list that is not beyond the scope of finishing within a month. Two birthdays to plan sounds a bit difficult, but not impossible. (By the way, kids' birthdays are always negotiable. It doesn't matter if you celebrate a couple of weeks late. :) Actually, now I think of it, anyone's birthdays are, too.)

lotsofglue said...

Celebrate the equinox like I am having to do. Reset all my "luck charms" and smudge the whole house because I cannot get this dmn ghost out of here!!