Thursday, February 18, 2010

it's a beautiful day...

When I was younger, it seemed the big PBS children's show was Sesame Street. I, however, was very into Mister Rogers'. I had no idea the show had been around for so long or that Fred Rogers was so beloved by so many others. Didn't matter; I thought he was awesome.

Pic has had exactly one experience with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. One night, a night that feels so long ago now, she was sick and we were up all night (she does not sleep when she's sick, and, therefore, neither do I). When we finally reached five or six in the morning (whatever the first hour of PBS Kids is), I turned on PBS and Mister Rogers' was on. All was going well and Pic calmly watched, UNTIL...someone dressed in a gorilla costume came on the screen (I was so deliriously tired, I wasn't really following what was going on so I have no idea why the gorilla-suited character appeared) and Pic screamed bloody-murder. It was not fun having to calm her down after that. So, that was it for her and Mister Rogers'. Okay, so that's not the only reason. It was on so very, very early there was no way we were going to get up and watch it. However, I'm thinking it might be about time to reintroduce the show to her. I'm sure we can find plenty of episodes through the interweb and Netflix and such.

Anyhow, today, 19 February, marks the forty-second anniversary of the show's beginning. That's some major staying power.


Anonymous said...

Do they still air episodes of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood? I remember when he died; it was sad. A part of all of our childhoods.

v said...

I'm not sure if they still do, but they did at least up until a couple of years ago. In our area, if they do, it's on way too early for me.