Monday, March 8, 2010

bet you bite a chip

Remember that Chips Ahoy! catch-phrase? Do they even have commercials anymore? Eh, doesn't matter.

That catch phrase kept popping into my head last night as I finally decided to break out of my cooking/baking funk. Inspired by the mini muffins Pic absolutely loves to get when we go to My Favorite Muffin, I decided to make some chocolate chip muffins. I used the recipe in Moosewood Restaurant New Classics, using mini chocolate chips instead of larger ones. The recipe yield is supposed to be 12 muffins, but I came out with 12 plus 12 mini muffins. And, oh, those mini muffins...they came out something much more akin to thick, bite-sized chocolate chip cookies. Pic loved them. We have none of the mini ones left! (I waited, hoping for some sunshine, to take the picture this afternoon.)

As for the, um, dark hue of my muffins? Let's just say that I'll be picking up an oven thermometer the next time we grocery shop. Definitely. The larger muffins were not nearly as crunchy as the smaller muffins.

And, prepare yourselves for evidence of my food slump.

This is what we had for breakfast the other day (minus the cheesecake that came in that yellow package...that was Cardo's birthday treat from the night before). Breakfast of champions right there. Home-popped popcorn with a bit of butter, fresh mandarins for me and canned for Pic (I don't understand, but she really didn't want the fresh fruit). Milk for her. Hot tea for me.


gunma-gal said...

Your muffins look yummy. I know I shouldn't eat it, but I've been on a chocolate kick lately.

v said...

Is there a specific reason you shouldn't eat chocolate? My daily treat is to have a mug of hot chocolate topped with mini marshmallows. Yesterday and today, I also had a muffin. I can't wait to try more. I want to make some dark chocolate cherry (not-so-burnt) muffins.