Tuesday, March 23, 2010

happiness and its opposite

Unhappiness is...

...spending three-plus hours grocery shopping. Just Pic and me. No Cardo. First in a teeny, tiny grocery store. Then, in a rather large, way-overcrowded one.
...stressing out so much due to the volume of people too close to me that I had to sit in the car and sob before we could go to the park last night.
...developing a sore throat due, no doubt, in part to the high levels of stress yesterday.
...the feeling of apathy that threatens to drown me due to information overload but still feeling that I have not enough answers.

Enough of that.

Happiness is...

...waking up with the whole family all snuggled into the bed. (Pic came in early this morning, but we were lucky because she went back to sleep for a couple of hours.)
...an hour at the library where several of the librarians stopped to briefly chat with us. We love our library and our librarians.
...a half-hour at the park, watching Pic play with other kids.
...a half-hour walk with Pic and Ariel, her dinosaur. Stopping to notice the tiny details we'd miss if we were hurrying off somewhere or if our minds were wandering elsewhere.
...fifteen minutes of drawing in the sun. (We sat on large rocks at the park. Pic refuses to sit on the grass while little chunks of soil are present. (I think those poop-looking chunks of soil have something to do with aeration.) When I told her we could sit on the grass at the park and color, she said, "Okay, you have fun with that.")

Little flowers growing outside someone's fence. (It's a good thing Cardo was at work, because he'd keep walking, worrying that the people of the house would come out and berate us for taking the picture.)

Little tiny flowers growing in the cracks of the sidewalk.