Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bloggie, plain and tall

I looked at my blog today and I realize how very simple it is. I'm afraid of change. Yes, really afraid of it. I'm afraid that if I change anything, I'll somehow delete all of my posts and all of the formatting I've worked on. I don't know enough computer-ese to be comfortable with making drastic changes. (I should know more, yes, considering I'm here so often, but I don't. That is just how it is.)

I've attempted Big Change before and I somehow lost all of my links. Something stupid like that. I had saved everything (somehow...Blogger told me, but I don't recall) and was able to restore everything to normal. However, every once in a while, I stop to take a long, slow gander and I'd like to see some change here. Probably not going to happen in any significant way anytime soon.

However, you'll no doubt notice the (gigantic! titanic!) picture header. I can't get it to go above my title. Ah, well. The picture is not of a duckpond, but of ducks in the river. I'm okay with that.

With the incredibly beautiful weather, we've been spending inordinate amounts of time out of doors. Tomorrow might not be looking so hot (ha!), so we might not be out as much as we have been every other day this week. I'm really trying to enjoy every day for what it is, though. Then, I see on the seven-day forecast that next Tuesday might be bringing us some snow. Oh, Spring, I know that you give no guarantees against snow or sleet or any other Winter-like weather, but...ugh. Ah, well. It's not like we pack our winter gear away. That's why we have a coat closet, no?


P.S. Lately, I'm totally wrapped up in Calvin and Hobbes. I love this strip. I'd post and post some more the particular strips that speak to me, but I don't think that'd be smiled upon. Is it wrong that I am so infatuated with this comic? Too bad if it is.