Sunday, March 28, 2010

missed opportunity: family date night

This past Friday, our local drive-in opened for the season. Pic has never yet been to a movie. I don't know that she can sit still (or still enough) through a movie. And, in case anyone hasn't noticed, movie tickets are expensive. I really don't want to buy three tickets and then end up leaving twenty-five minutes in. And, movies are loud. Really, really LOUD. I'm not a fan of the loudness.

Anyhow, about the drive-in. We were thinking this would be a perfect way to introduce her to going to the movies. We can sit in our car, in our pajamas. We can bring our own treats that don't cost a fortune. We can turn down the volume.

So, Friday, we swung by the theatre/parking lot to check out which movies would be showing. One was called Repo Man (Or Repo Men?...I don't know what that is) and one was Hot Tub Time Machine (which I know has John Cusack but which I'm pretty sure I'll never want to see). Those were both out. Cardo and I saw Alice in Wonderland a couple of weeks ago. We both figure that parts of that would freak Pic out. The only real option for her was How to Train Your Dragon. I liked the Shrek movies I've seen. I did not like Madagascar or Madagascar 2 (I'm not sure which I saw most of, I just know that I didn't like it). [In the advertisements, it's stated that Dragon is made by the makers/creators/producers/something of the Shrek movies and Madagascar.] We let Pic watch a trailer* for How to Train Your Dragon but she decided she didn't want to watch it. Cardo got exasperated for just a moment, but he didn't lose his patience (yea!). I don't figure there's any point in taking her to a movie that she doesn't want to see. That'd just be mean...and a waste of money.

So, we'll try again in a few weeks. I wonder how long until they change the titles?

Note: The last time I saw a drive-in movie was back in high school. I went with some friends. I think we saw two movies, but I only remember seeing Hollow Man. I loathe that movie. "We" own a copy of it. I say "we" because I know it's Cardo's. It's his horrible, horrible movie.

What are you guys doing for fun?


*Why are they called "trailers" when they come before the movie is released?