Thursday, March 25, 2010

today is...

...National Letting Go of Stuff Day.

I kid you not. I did not make this up (someone else did).

I actually love the concept of letting go of stuff both physical and non. I sit here at my desk littered with books, colored pages, two cat stuffed animals, a cloth napkin, some borrowed yarn, a mug of writing utensils and much more. Next to me, on the floor, are the slippers Pic never wears and a hanger that belongs in her closet. Behind the desk are boxes that I have still not unpacked from our move (yeah...we've lived here for two months now). I've been decluttering bit by bit, but, well, it (the stuff) pours in daily. Pours in.

And, I have a lot stuffed into my head too, right now. I try to let go of some of it, but that doesn't work so well. Cardo is constantly perplexed because of my ability to hold onto every little worrisome bit of information and constantly worry about it all.

How do you let go?


As you can surmise, not much going on here at La Casa B. Between the hello-come-and-and-play sunshine and the um-no-stay-in-bed-all-day head cold, things have been moving pretty slowly. I am so looking forward to Saturday, though. The forecast is promising outdoor fantastic-ness.