Sunday, March 14, 2010

in negotiation

Cardo and another co-worker are currently trying to sort out who is going to have which holiday off. His co-worker asked for Easter and Mother's Day. Cardo balked a bit at this, so I had to talk some sense into him [read that phrase lightly].

We don't celebrate Easter and I don't plan on celebrating Mother's Day. I don't mind if Cardo has to work that day. If we're going to do anything, we can do it the day before, or something.

Today, as we were walking, though, I came up with a compromise for them. I suggested to Cardo that he agree his co-worker gets Easter and Mother's Day off if he can have Earth Day and Father's Day off. Co-worker agreed.

I figure that most people would hear that suggestion and think, "Um, okay. Earth Day, Schmearth Day." Or something. This is one holiday I can really get behind, though. And, usually Cardo has to rush off to work. This year, I'd like to be able to linger at the Earth Day festival if we choose. I'm looking forward to it!

(As for Father's Day, I'm still trying to figure something out. Our fall-back gift is a framed picture of Cardo and Pic together. Ideas?)


gunma-gal said...

Just curious, but why do you celebrate Father's Day but not Mother's Day?

v said...

I'm not into celebrating much of anything and definitely not things that focus on me (my birthday and, since 2005, Mother's Day). I like to do something for Cardo, though. He also likes to do a little something for me (when he remembers), but it's just not important enough to me for him to have to finagle time off.

v said...

My aunt and her family do a group Mother's Day celebration thing and this does sound awesome to me. However, I don't live anywhere near my family.

Kat said...

I will not comment on your statement about being reticent to celebrate yourself (ahem, cough cough, I think I just did)...

but, I will say, I do think it is very smart to avoid the buy in for the major american holidays (trading Earth day for Easter). You will save money and have more authentic celebrations by avoiding the commercialized holidays.