Sunday, May 23, 2010

the calm

This has been a busy weekend. I started it off sick, which is, of course, never a good thing. I'm almost well now -- just a bit of the sniffles and a bit of an itchy throat.

On Friday, we took Pic bowling for the first time. Cardo and I can't remember the last time either of us have been bowling and we're pretty sure we've never been together. I'm weirdly quietly competitive, which doesn't work well because there aren't many things I'm really good at and bowling certainly isn't one of those things. I'm good at getting a pin or two. I finished last, with seventy-five points. This isn't the lowest score I've ever gotten, but I've broken 100 a time or two. They won't let me use the bumpers, though, because I'm about fifteen inches too tall for that. Ah, well.

Later Friday night, we went to pick up Papa and Auntie L from the airport. We all attended a wedding on Saturday. The wedding was that of a friend who, along with her family, has been a part of our family for almost my entire life. I enjoyed attending. The wedding party's clothing was great. Ms A and Mr J, the bride and groom, were both in black and white (white with black accents for her and black with white accents for him). The wedding party was fantastic, the women and girls in brightly colored dresses and the men (no boys) in black tuxedos with brightly colored ties. All of the wedding party wore Converse (either brightly colored to match their outfits or with brightly colored laces). Even my godparents were in Converse (my godfather in black and white and my godmother in hot pink, black and white) -- that was awesome.

There were hors d'oeuvres, which were quite yummy. The servers insisted that we take plenty, so we filled ourselves on roasted potatoes topped with diced tomatoes and herbs; halved strawberries topped with a creamy, salty cheese and balsamic vinegar; and mushroom caps stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs.

There wasn't too much dancing while we were there. Actually, Pic danced plenty and, I swear, I have no idea where she got her dance moves! I think she just lets her body go with the music. It's both wonderful and hilarious to watch. I asked (demanded, perhaps) Cardo to dance with me, but we didn't even dance a whole song. Ah, well. We stayed through the cake and then left to eat dinner.

This morning, Papa joined us for a walk around our neighborhood. It was good to get out. I didn't mention, but it was off-and-on snowing yesterday. Nothing too big deal or anything, but Auntie L was not at all thrilled with the snow (we were so glad you were here, though!). Today, there were a few snowflakes as we walked, but we were all shedding our coats and jackets by the end of our walk.

We returned Papa and Auntie to the airport and headed off to a wee friend's birthday party. It was nice to go and great to celebrate another birthday with him. This was a laid-back event, which is just our style. There was homemade cinnamon ice cream and homemade strawberry ice cream. So incredibly good!

Now, we're back home. I'm catching up on dishes and laundry (and laundry-soap making).

Pictures later. I'm tired now. I hope your weekend was also full of loving family, good friends and good times.


Kat said...

That sounds wonderful! I haven't been to a wedding for a while. Been invited a couple of times, but just didn't make it.

Grrr to the snow.

Coach J said...

Sounds like a great (but yes, busy) weekend. Thanks so much for coming to the party. It meant a lot to everyone that you and Cardo and Pic were there.