Friday, May 28, 2010 day

So, at some point it might be what retailers refer to as 'swimsuit season.' Here, now, we are so not there yet. During the warm months, we plan on spending a lot of time in the pool, slathered in sunblock, soaking up the chlorine, much like we did last year. We all donned our swimsuits last night for a dip in the hotel pool (we were out of town for a tiny moment). Pic's and my swimsuits are in woeful states. Really, they cause me sorrow. Okay, not really, but they are really stretched out, which is a bit of insight into just how much time we spent in the pool last year. (Actually, Pic has been wearing the same suit for the last two years and it's comically droopy at this point.)

I'm on the lookout for a new suit. I'm not good at swimsuit shopping (is anyone?). It's not so much the seeing myself in a swimsuit thing, although it's definitely partly that, it's the price. I hate spending a bunch of money on something I'll wear a whole bunch, but only for a few months. Perhaps I should just get over this. But, I probably won't. Ah, well.

I've been browsing here on the interweb for at least something cute (something I would actually wear and that I consider cute, just to clarify). I currently have a two-piece suit: the top is basically a tank top with spaghetti straps. The bottom is a regular bottom that is covered over with a (short) skirt. It looked like a one-piece when I bought it. It's so stretched out now, though, that when I swim in it, the top part keeps floating up (as fortune has it, there's a bra-type thing in the top, so I'm not completely flashing everyone). I think I actually owned a two-piece that had two distinct pieces when I was a wee lass, but not anytime within the last two decades.

I'm really liking swimdresses right now. I was just browsing on Newport News* to see what they had to offer. Some things I like [all images are from the website]:

I like the cut of this top, but not the color.

I like these colors, and I am, at this moment, liking this whole belted-swimsuit thing. I'd definitely have to attach the string to the top. (I get very paranoid when it comes to completely strapless tops, especially those I'll be swimming in.)

Some boyshorts for the above top. The shorts are a bit short.

I'm not really digging the color here, but the suit is kind of fun.

Another belt! I'd love this in another pattern or like a royal blue or a deep, bright green.

If those long, woolen bathing suits of old weren't so absolutely ridiculous and death-trap-seeming, I'd probably wear one of those.

You can buy this! Here! I swear I won't buy it.

* I once bought a really cute two-piece bathing suit from them. The top was way too small and I never got around to returning it. Someone else ended up with the suit. So, I guess I did own a two-piece-looking-two-piece, um, thirteen years ago, but I never wore it out.


Kat said...

I like the black one with the flowers. And yes, I think it would look AMAZING in green.

It's kind of late now, but I buy my swimsuits in the fall. I get the summer clearance. Because, I don't actually wear mine a TON so I hate to pay too much for it.

I also like The Newport News and I find that ALL their clothes run a little smallish. I usually order a size bigger than I think I would need and it usually works out.

gunma-gal said...

Target and JCPenney's both have relatively cheap bathing suits.