Saturday, May 1, 2010

mangia!: may fare

A few recipes I'd like to try this month:

* white-bean hummus
* chive-and-garlic knots (except the recipe I have calls for refrigerated bread dough...what kind of bread dough might I have to prepare to substitute that?)
* molasses crackle cookies
* crusty whole-grain flaxseed rolls
* skillet-roasted potatoes with lemon and mint
* fresh fruit pizza with lemon curd
* risi e bisi

Just a few possible dishes. What are you all making?


Kat said...

I am going to start another batch of limoncello. It's going faster than I care to admit.

Pizzas. I stopped making them over winter, and I am going to start doing that again. I have always used the bread machine, I'd like to try it with my hands.

Enchiladas. We have a Puente graduation and I have promised to make pork verde enchiladas for it.

Rosemary shortbread. I saw this recipe on a cooking show where you make food with only five ingredients.

Salads. Lots and lots of salads. Right now, I am looking for a good Strawberry and Spinach recipe. Mostly, I just need a good vinegarette (sp).

v said...

Mmm. I've never had limoncello, but I'm impressed that you're making it. I love to make pizza, but I haven't made any lately. I think I'll do at least one this week, though. (It's finally warm inside and I'm guessing this'll make a huge difference as far as my yeast is concerned.) I only make gringa-enchiladas, but I remember yours being very tasty. The shortbread sounds interesting. As for salad: I'm not a huge fan of the taste of most lettuce and I'm not a fan of dressings. I have a hard time getting into salads, but I'd like to like them more.