Sunday, May 9, 2010

a mother's day retrospective

-- late to bed.

-- late to rise.

-- set butter out to soften (or, "soften" as it turns out).

-- housework.

-- check butter.

-- shower.

-- check butter.

-- Cardo home. Walk!

-- decide butter will just have to do and speed through process of making cookies.

-- deliver cookies.

-- read bedtime stories.

-- eat dinner.

-- taste cookies (and confirm that I don't enjoy M&Ms).

-- stop in here.

All in all, it was pretty laid back, which is the way we like things around here.

I hope it was a restful day for all.


Kat said...

We can't leave butter out because the dog eats it. He steals any food left out on the counter, but his favorite is butter. His cholesterol must be through the roof!

Thus, I have been forced to experiment with ways to soften it w/o the luxury of leaving it out. I will ue the microwave if I have to, but I mostly detest it and rarely use it. Sometimes if I am already cooking I will put a stick on the oven top. Not over direct heat or anything.

I read an article that suggested putting it under my arm. But... well, I don't really want to try that! I have carried it in my hand while I do other things though.

I only like the M&Ms with almonds.

v said...

I'm with you on the microwave thing. I always end up ruining the butter. I have put it on the stovetop also, while the oven warms. I've also basically kneaded the butter and sugar together when the butter wasn't quite softened enough. I do this also when I make muffins because I don't use the electric mixer and my egg beater isn't great. Yesterday, I didn't have time for no electricity, though.

gunma-gal said...

The cookies were really good.

Thank you SO much for all the goodies. Although I still don't have a lot of time to cook, I fortunately figured out what was making me so tired, so now I at least have energy. To eat. :)

v said...

Pic chose the type of cookies. You're welcome for the food. J and I had fun making it for you.

I'm glad you figured out what was making you so tired. I hope all goes well with that.