Thursday, May 6, 2010

revision: day the extra

Okay, that whole revision week was kind of just thrown in here. And, now, I'm throwing in some more. Were I teaching Comp, I'd have used songs such as those I used here in a revision activity. Alas...let's not dwell.

I just came across the following song, which, until the very end, sounds very Tommy-ish to me. Interesting revision (re-auralization? I need a good sound word here). I'm not really into it, but I might save it for some imaginary future date when I might once again be teaching Comp.

"The Hot Rats - Fight For Your Right (Late Show with David Letterman)"
[The version I heard was slightly different. It was prerecorded, not live. And, I know there's probably something to say about the literal (yes, I mean it) objectification of women and the gender-bending (not a term I really love) clothing in this recording. Hmm. I'm not sure what to do with either, as my mind is forever elsewhere. Also, my picture and sound are wonky.]