Thursday, May 6, 2010

events aplenty, events galore

I went on and on about my woe yesterday, and I forgot to mention upcoming events that will fill our weekends this month. So, for the next several weekends, here's how we'll be using our time:

-- a bit of volunteer work? more on this later?
-- an event at the coop (I'm just going to call it that, as they seem to call it that often): meet farmers, hang out, have Pic's face painted (again)

-- our dearly beloved Auntie C is finishing her Bachelor's and we'll be attending graduation -- we're very excited for her, and proud

-- Auntie L and Papa are coming for a visit (Nana will be missed, but we hope to see her soon, too)
-- wedding of family friend we've known for about 25 years
-- return Auntie L and Papa to the airport :(

-- remembering those who have died while serving the U.S.
-- camping?

I'd like to do some hiking somewhere in there also. We're planning to celebrate a wee friend's third birthday also.

Am I afraid to be idle? I'm definitely filling up my days.