Tuesday, May 11, 2010

simple fare

After a few days of eating with reckless abandon, I've really needed to reign it in here. It's funny how food affects us (and, by "funny," I mean completely obvious, but oh-so-easy-for-me-to-ignore). When I eat a bunch of unhealthy, fatty, sugary foods for three straight days, I have zero energy and I feel somewhat gross.

Yesterday, I went to the opposite extreme, from the one above. I really didn't eat enough. (Oh, to be able to choose to not eat enough, instead of having no choice simply because the food isn't there. I know.) Three unhealthy days followed by one more. Ugh.

Today, I've tried for a better balance. I didn't quite reach it, but I'm getting there.

Lunch (because you care):

I've really been craving a grilled apple and cheese sandwich, so I finally made myself one. I'm glad I stuck with one piece of bread for a half-sandwich, though, as whatever grocery store-bought bread we bought was just kind of funky. That thing that looks kind of like mashed potatoes is a HoB macaroon (Cardo loves these and buys them in bulk, I swear. Then, of course, I eat them.) I ate another macaroon later. Ah, well. (Please excuse my crummy counter.)


I accidentally put too much oil on my carrots, but other than that, they were mighty tasty. The beans, cheese and corn tortilla were all just kicking around in the refrigerator, needing to be consumed. Pic's carrots remained uncooked and she had the last flour tortilla for her burrito.

It's supposed to be warm (finally) tomorrow, and I'm thinking that I'll have to make a loaf of bread. It's been far too long since I've done so.

Writing this is making me hungry, so I should probably step away from the food post for now.