Wednesday, May 19, 2010

summer rolls (even though it's certainly *not* summer)

I've seen this idea on bread & honey and, more recently, on beauty that moves. I've also seen something similar at Cardo's favorite Vietnamese restaurant.*

A while back, I decided we'd be making these and so we finally have. Prepare to be dazzled by my awesome photography skills (or, skillz):

I know, I'm sorry about the picture. It's dark in the kitchen and I was ravenous. I only made two just in case I really didn't like them. I filled my wrappers with avocado, shredded carrot and rice stick noodles (which I had no idea how to prepare, but it worked out). I didn't make sauce, but I certainly should have. I thought soy sauce would suffice, but I somehow forgot just how salty soy sauce -- even our low-sodium soy sauce -- is. Next time...

These were very simple. Next time, I'm adding more avocado. Maybe some grilled chicken?


* I'm not a fan of this restaurant because the only chicken item on the menu is a curry dish. Not a fan. Also, the rolls there, similar to these, have shrimp in them. I cannot eat shrimp. And, I cannot look at the rolls. The sight of the shrimp bulging out of the translucent wrapper makes me gag.


Kat said...

Yummmy. I wish people in my house would eat food like that. I will have to try it this summer when I am on my own.

Which reminds me. I think it is awesome that you are exposing Pic to such a variety of foods. I know kids who won't eat anything unless it looks like it came out of a box or a drive up window.

v said...

Oh, don't get me wrong. Pic is a very picky eater (much like her mamma was at that age -- I'm still pretty picky). She's good about at least tasting everything, but it took us a long time to get to that point.

We do our best to stay away from fast food (except the occasional Baja Fresh...check out the nutritional information on that). We figure it's cheaper and healthier for us to eat at home or stop and pick up crackers and fruit at the grocery store if we need a snack.

So, yes, for now, I'm really just exposing Pic to these foods. If she had her way, she's eat pasta with cheese sauce every day. Not happening.

v said...

(With the Baja Fresh, I mean that if I'm not getting the Baja Ensalada minus the dressing, I can eat an entire day's worth of calories in one sitting.)